Day 3 – Memorial Boards to commemorate our journey


Renner Springs Roadhouse owners Alan and Christine Rendell were presented with the first Borella VC memorial board last night by the son of the Territory’s foremost soldier.

As the Borella Ride makes its way up the Stuart Highway each community is seeing the World War I story at first hand: the horses, Riders, a Travelling Display, a historian and a singer all telling the story of a man who battled to sign up, and then had many battles when he arrived at Gallipoli and the Western Front.

To remember the Ride, and for visitors and members of the surrounding community to understand the history of one of Australia’s Immortal 100 Victoria Cross recipients, a handsome commemorative framed account of Borella’s story is being presented to several community centres in several locations.

The framed memorial boards contain a replica set of Albert Borella’s medals. There are five campaign awards: three for the Great War, and two for World War II, for Borella stepped forward again to take up the colours in that conflict. In addition to Borella’s Victoria Cross, there is a Military Medal, and a Mention In Despatches oak leaf, affixed to the WWI Victory Medal. The final two of the nine are Coronation Medals for King George and Queen Elizabeth.

Upon receiving their memorial board from Rowan Borella, the 81 year old son of Albert Borella, the Rendells immediately found a place for it in their Roadhouse Dining Room, amidst many examples of Outback history and aboriginal art.

The Borella Ride is the Northern Territory’s Anzac Centenary commemorative event, and is supported by the NT Government and the Federal Government.

By Dr Tom Lewis, Lead Historian for The Borella Ride